Mosaic jewels: our collection of CC jewels is made up of handcrafted one-off pieces, in which the silver shapes enclose precious mosaics.

They are named after some main lines of inspiration: Paesaggi (Landscapes), Vibrazioni (Vibrations), Pantelleria, Tessuto Antico (Ancient Fabric), L’Origine (The Origin).

The bases derive from original wax shapes created by us, transformed into silver (800 or 925) at a goldsmith workshop and smoothed again by us leaving silver natural. In the creation of the mosaic we mainly use gold, a real gold leaf between two glass layers, which can be coloured as well.
Tesserae earrings are an essence of style, enhancing the basic element of mosaics, the tessera. The material used is Venetian gold in its various colours, carefully cut and smoothed by hand and then mounted on a tailor-made 925 silver base.

Below is a selection of images of the various types of jewels. To see the available pieces at the moment, visit the e-shop.