Mrmr #29

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Frame of Indus Gold marble, obtained from a whole marble slab. Mosaic made with Venetian smalti, ceramic and marbles.

The frame is 30 x 30 cm.

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Product Description

Mrmr #29: frame of Indus Gold marble; mosaic made with Venetian smalti, ceramic and marbles.

Mrmr is a line of mosaic squares with a frame obtained from a whole marble slab, a unique fully handcrafted work. Through this collection we want to pay homage to the splendour of marble, to its colours and its layers, which have formed over time. Therefore, marble is placed side by side with the mosaic composition on its inside, and the two elements enhance each other.

The mosaics of this collection are precious contemporary mosaic creations (of gold and Venetian smalti, marbles, stones). The frames are all 30 x 30 cm.

Please note:
Photos are as faithful as possible to the original pieces, nevertheless some colors and shining elements may look a little different seen on the computer screen or live. This artistic object is handcrafted and its irregularity guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness. Please handle and touch it with care, because the edges of the tesserae, especially those of glass and in more contemporary works, may be sharp.

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