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Mosaic made with pebbles, marbles, Venetian smalti and white gold; frame made with recycled wood.

All in a 20 x 20 cm format!

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20Quadro 94/2017: mosaic made with pebbles, marbles, Venetian smalti and white gold.

20Quadro is a line of square-format mosaics. Each square is a handcrafted one-off piece (the series is numbered), which holds all the mastery of mosaic art. All in a 20 x 20 cm format! The wooden bases are obtained from recycled wood, in particular old furniture. They often bear the signs of their past existence, which are intensified by the mosaic; other times the bases are more neutral, or are painted, to enhance the mosaic textures and particular subjects. In the creation of the mosaic we use the most varied materials: traditional materials like stones, marbles, Venetian smalti, or experimental materials.

Please note:
Photos are as faithful as possible to the original pieces, nevertheless some colors and shining elements may look a little different seen on the computer screen or live. This artistic object is handcrafted and its irregularity guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness. Please handle and touch it with care, because the edges of the tesserae, especially those of glass and in more contemporary works, may be sharp.

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