gallery MOSAICO DI

curated by Carraro Chabarik

via Ginnasio Vecchio 3, Udine, Italy


The word mosaic is used more frequently for its metaphorical value, rather than to indicate the actual artistic technique.
We speak of mosaic of cultures, mosaic of lives, genetic mosaic …. So a set of different things that create an organic whole, richer than the single thing.

And basically this is what we would like the space MOSAICO DI – GALLERIA TEMPORANEA PER CREATIVI (Mosaic of – temporary gallery for creatives): a mosaic of different arts, of heterogeneous creations and performances. From what started as a gallery experiment to expose our mosaic works (with the exhibition that took place in December 2017), an experiment of open space was born, no longer just for the mosaic but for different arts and creativity . This is also a small dream that we have been cultivating for some time, because we like the mosaic in its more experimental and conceptual expressions.

nasce lo spazio galleria mosaico di

For some months, in Via Ginnasio Vecchio 3 in Udine (40 steps from the Carraro Chabarik store), there will be alternating exhibitions of mosaics and other arts, performances and events.

We’ll start with the occasion of Udine Design Week 2018 (2-9 March), which this year is dedicated to the theme “interweaving, connections, plots”. In fact, we will host the exhibition Woven lives by the designer Simone Bonanni (inauguration on Saturday 3rd March at 5pm) and the event created by Tascapane – food projects on Friday, March 9th at 7pm.

The logo comes from the free interpretation of a project created with the designer Beppe Rocco, as a tribute to the spirit of Mosaico Di: a place of weaving and sharing creativity.

lampadario ispirazione galleria mosaico di

Lampadario a soffitto, design Beppe Rocco.
Da un’idea dell’amico designer, condivisa prima che se ne andasse, portata a termine da noi