Foresta Salva 26/2016


Tree in recycled wood, with removable pedestal (and hole on the back to be hung on the wall). Mosaic made with Venetian smalti. Both the wooden shapes and the mosaic creations that are inside are made by hand and they are unique, different from each other.

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Foresta Salva 26/2016

Foresta Salva is a collection of trees made of mosaic and wood. It is called “salva” (meaning “safe”) because the pieces are made of recycled wood, thus not taken from the forest.

One-off numbered pieces, all handcrafted. We carve the wood in the shape of real-looking or invented trees (in the Christmas season you will also find pine tree shaped ones) and then we make the mosaic, with natural materials or with the bright colours of Venetian and Millefiori smalti. Each tree has a removable stand so that it can be placed on a piece of furniture as an ornament, but it can also be hung on a wall.

Please note:
Photos are as faithful as possible to the original pieces, nevertheless some colors and shining elements may look a little different seen on the computer screen or live. This artistic object is handcrafted and its irregularity guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness. Please handle and touch it with care, because the edges of the tesserae, especially those of glass and in more contemporary works, may be sharp.

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